Social activities

Dušanka1This programme is most often carried out in nursery schools and schools, sometimes also in sheltered work centres and old people's homes.

The programme for sessions within the framework of social activities is not precisely defined or set in advance. We wish primarily to enable individuals or a group to have direct contact with a dog. But even when the aims of our social contact are somewhat imprecise, the content can be at least partly planned.

Generally both children and adults have the opportunity to observe the dog, brush him, take him for a walk on the lead, offer him a treat, etc., etc. We also make use of this encounter for various games, and creating and exchanging personal experiences. The programme is adapted to the age, interests and abilities of the clients, while reflection and conversation are encouraged. Frequent topics for discussion are:

responsible care of a dog,
relation towards a dog, animals, nature; interpersonal relations,
correct behaviour when encountering a strange dog,
correct play with a familiar dog,
work principles for therapy dogs.