Become a member

Foto - Tanja RističAnyone may become a member of the Society, including those of foreign nationality, if they accept the Society’s statutes and programme, submit a written declaration, and pay the registration and annual subscription.

Candidates for membership of the Society indicate in the registration form whether they wish to become a therapy pair or simply be a member of the Society.

If you decide on membership only, you pay the annual subscription and the Society will issue confirmation of membership. Those who wish to become a therapy pair must - in addition to payment of the registration fee, subscription and training costs – fulfil some further conditions given under the heading “Become a therapy pair”.


Why do we believe in our work?

Because the friendly eyes of our dogs never tell a lie. Because their wet noses, soft fur and the gentle touch of their paws find a short way to people’s hearts. Because dogs are sincere, direct, faithful, indulgent – in short, real friends. Because you can trust them with your secrets, and they will not betray your trust. Because you can grumble to them about your troubles, and they will give you courage with their wagging tails. Because smiling faces assure us time and again that with our work we do leave traces.

We invite you:

  • to join the Society with your dog as a potential therapy pair, 
  • to become a member of the Society (also possible without a dog),
  • to make donations,
  • to grant us part of your income (applicable to those with taxable income in Slovenia)

Do join us and in this way contribute to the voluntary and humanitarian work of our Society.

Additional information:

Telephone number: GSM 031 865 800


With thanks to all who help!

With thanks to all who give!