Our 10 years

The Slovenian Society for Dog-Assisted Therapy Tačke pomagačke reached its tenth anniversary in August 2017. To celebrate this round figure, we chose a sunny Saturday in September, when we gathered at the "Land of Hayracks" (Dežela kozolcev) at Šentrupert na Dolenjskem. It was a pleasant get-together, as shown in the video photographs below. (Yes, we are indeed a considerable number – at present almost 70 dogs with their handlers!) There was plenty of laughter, chatter and tail-wagging, a little barking, but no growling at all. Together with our patient canine friends, we listened to various speeches. We all know what speeches are like: those we prefer best are short but from the heart. At the link below, you can find confirmation that ours were exactly that.


As befits such an occasion, we cut the celebratory cake, enjoyed all the fine fare, and drank to our health. To many more years, Tačke pomagačke!