R.E.A.D. the public library Srečka Vilharja Koper

date: from 2016-12-03 to 2016-12-03

By agreement with Vesna Bidoli, the handler of a therapy dog, a special hour of fairytales – “Reading with Paws” (Beremo s tačkami) - will be organized on Saturday, 3. 12. 2016 between 10.00 and 11.00am for “this happy day of culture”. It will take place in the Young Readers Section at the Central Library (Osrednja knjižnica) Srečka Vilharja in Koper.

Experience a happy, magical and laughter-filled Saturday with our four-legged friends. Together with the story-teller Nives you will enter a world of fairytale heroes and so you’ll enjoy this really special company. The Young Readers Section will provide an unforgettable, fascinating and of course fairytale Saturday as we read you the story Mali ježek (The Little Hedgehog) by Mark Ezra.

Reading sessions with dogs, which are carried out in the library twice a month with therapy pairs from the Tačke pomagačke Society, have proved to be very popular and are well visited.

The Ministry of Culture is also informed about these reading sessions and will publish this event on its own website.